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layout: event
title: "Cappadocia Trip" # ex.: "Bomontiada"
date: 2018-09-27 # same as the start date but without time (for sorting)
start: 2018-09-27 09:00
end: 2018-09-30 12:00
fee: 509
minimum-age: 18
pictures: # ex.: - event_bomontiada_01.jpg
- events_cappadocia-trip.jpg
tags: # Type of event
- getaway
- culture
- erasmusoxygen
- trip
title: "" # ex.: "Şişli"
street: "" # ex.: Birahane Sokak No:1 34381"
city: Istanbul
district: "" # ex.: "SIS", refer to _data/districts.csv
lang: en
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Wanna have the time of your life? Come to our trip to Cappadocia.
- 1 person: 509TL
**Group Rates**:
- 3 people: 499TL per person
- 5 people: 489TL per person
- 10+ people: 484TL per person
Here is what we are going to do.
One of the Best Hotels in Cappadocia!
The direction will be through Adapazari, Bolu, Ankara, Aksaray, then we will arrive Cappadocia region, through the triangle of Nevsehir – Nigde - Kayseri with the night journey.
We are gonna the places below...
- Nevşehir
- Cavusin
- Kızılcukur
- Baglıdere
- Goreme Open Air Museum
- Pasabaglari
- Avanos
- Urgup Wine Cellar
- Peribacalari
- Derinkuyu Underground City
- Ihlara Valley
## Services included in price
- Transportation with Luxurious Buses
- Two Nights Half Board Accommodation
- Open Buffet Meal Breakfast (x2)
- Open Buffet Meal Dinner (x2)
- Visiting in Tour
- Professional Guide
- Compulsory Travel Insurance
## Services NOT included in the price
- All Lunches
- Turkish Night
- Balloon Tour
- Disco
- Shopping
layout: event
title: "Cappadocia Trip"
date: 2018-09-27
start: 2018-09-27 21:00
end: 2018-09-30 16:00
tags: # Type of event
- getaway
- culture
- erasmusoxygen
- trip
title: "Kadıköy"
street: "Zühtüpaşa Mahallesi, Fahrettin Kerim Gökay Cd. No:2, 34724 Kadıköy"
city: Istanbul
lat: 40.9908499
long: 29.0389383
district: "KAD" # refer to _data/districts.csv
tel: 05369832551
lang: en
**Wanna have the time of your life? Come to our trip to Cappadocia.**
![Erasmus Oxygen - Cappadocia Trip 2018](/assets/uploads/images/events_cappadocia-trip.jpg)
#### Important Information
27th September 2018:
- meeting at 21.00
- departure at 23.00
- from **Kadikoy Evlendirme Dairesi**
## 1st day
At our departure points, we are moving towards Nevşehir by meeting our valued guests at 21:00 in **Söğütlüçeşme (Last Station of Metrobus) in Kadikoy**.
## 2nd day
- Aksaray
- Ihlara Valley
- Narli Lake
- Underground City
- Nevsehir
- Pashabagi
- Dervent Valley
- Urgup
- Wine Cellars
One of Turkey's largest canyon, in Ihlara what we reach 14 km in length. Here we walk around the Arbor church and walk along the river bed formed by Melendiz Creek. In the free time we are taking pictures of this paradise garden.
Our next stop will be Narlıgöl, which has a volcano and geothermal water. Following the photo break here, we reach Derinkuyu or Kaymaklı Underground City, one of 104 different underground cities in the region. After visiting the tunnels in the underground and listening to the narratives, our way will take us to Nevşehir from Göreme Town.
After Nevşehir, which we will see as a panoramic view, our next stop will be Paşabağları, famous for its vineyards and three-headed fairy chimneys. Following the free time given here will be the Valley of the Dervent Valley. After the interesting photographs taken here, we reach the famous Urgup with its stone houses.
After the panoramic tour we will visit the wine cellars in the city center. Today's last stop will be the Fairy Chimneys known as 3 Guzels. After the break of the photos given here, we reach our hotel. Our hotel settling and dinner is at our hotel.
### 3rd day
- Uçhisar Castle
- Güvercinlik Valley
- Pottery Workshop
- Göreme Open Air Museum
- Avanos -Onyx Stone Workshop
We invite our guests to join the balloon in the early morning hours in the lobby and transfer them to the balloon departure point. This will give general information about unforgettable experience.
After the breakfast buffet taken at the hotel in the morning, the first photo break of today will be Uchisar Castle. After a panoramic view, we're going to Six of the Tree - a point that overlooks the Güvercinlik Valley and has a magnificent view. After the break we gave here, we go to the pottery workshop to see the art of pottery, which has been the livelihood of the human being, who has combined the water of the Kızılındırmak and the clay soil for 5000 years.
After the pleasant moments we are going, we go to Göreme open air museum, which is known as rocky and has a monastic life in time. You can visit the numerous churches such as Elmalı Church, Çarıklı Church and Yılanlı Church. Then we go to the workshop where the Onyx stone from the Cappadocia region, which is a family of marble, was processed. We have dinner at our hotel. Meeting with the guests in the lobby to join the Turkish night (Extra, detailed information about the night will be given on our guide bus).
### 4th day
- Mustafa paşa
- Carpet Workshop
- Çavuşin ruins
- Tepesidelik Han
- Aksaray
- Tuz Gölü
After the breakfast buffet at the hotel in the morning, the first stop of the day will be an old Greek village, Sinassos - Mustafapaşa. Here you can see the free time Eleni-Constantine Church, given we are going to this town after the carpet workshop showcasing carpets of Turkey's four regions may see the most beautiful examples of interesting local stonework from each other to stroll the old streets.
After the information given about the Turkish hand made carpets, we reach to our next stop, Cavusin Oren. When you visit this historic town, you will be interested in caves and stone houses where old people live.
After the break of the photos, the statements made after leaving this beautiful town and continue on our way through Nevsehir from the Seljuks, a caravanserai to reach Tepesidelik Khan. Ancient Silk Road narrative and photographs taken over our guide who will do about this caravansary then we reach out in Aksaray, Turkey's second largest lake in Salt Lake.
After finishing our last trip point, we are on our way back to Istanbul.
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